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Eager Zebra game for sports fans Home Uber-Picks

If you love sports, you’ll love playing Uber-Picks! By playing Uber-Picks alongside your favorite sports, you’ll add even more excitement and enjoyment to being a sports fan!

The objective of Uber-Picks is to tally the highest score possible by correctly picking the winning teams in a sport of your choice, but that’s only the start. You’ll maximize your score by strategically assigning “Confidence Points” to each of your picks (the more confident you are of a pick, the more points you should assign).

For each game you pick correctly, you’ll earn the number of points you assigned to that game. Uber-Picks also features five “Sidekicks”–which you can use to boost your score even further and add even more fun to playing.




Uber-Picks is available (when sport is in season) for:

  MLB (Major League Baseball)
  NFL (National American Football League)
  NBA (National Basketball Association)
  FIFA-North America
  NCAA Football (American college football)
  NCAA Basketball (American college basketball)






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